Best toenail art ideas

If you’re stuck in a rut with how to paint your toenails and you want to change it up, now’s the perfect time to get inspired by some nail art.

There are so many cute and colorful designs around – the only problem will be choosing your favorite!

Get creative with toenail art

DIY toenail art is a brilliant thing to have a go at, especially if you’re still in lockdown. There are lots of video tutorials online if you’re never tried nail art for your feet before.

We love this one on YouTube because it’s so easy to follow.

It features a couple of really simple but effective designs that anyone can do, such as polka dots and flower shapes.

Right now, there’s also a trend for abstract nail art so it doesn’t matter if the designs you do are slightly different on every nail. Just unleash your creativity and go with the flow!

You can buy nail art kits online, which usually include double-ended dotting tools in different sizes, nail striping brushes, stickers and foil flakes.

In the kit, there may also be glitter, rhinestones, gems or crystals so you can add some bling to your feet!

Start with a matte base color and wait until it is dry. Then paint your chosen design on the toenail of your big toe. Add different colors to really make your toes stand out.

Try adding echoes of the main design to your other toes. But remember it’s trickier to get it right on smaller toenails with less space, so don’t add too much.

Toenail art is also a really fun thing to do for your girlfriends, or your mom, sister, daughter or other female relatives.

Fake your toenail art

If you don’t have a steady hand or aren’t feeling artistic, you can always fake your toenail art with nail stickers, also known as decals, wraps or strips.

With stickers, the advantage is that you can apply really intricate pre-made designs in the comfort of your own home – and you don’t have to wait for your nails to dry either!

Also, nail stickers are easier to apply to your toenails as you can use your dominant hand for both feet, unlike trying to do a manicure with your non-dominant hand and messing it up.

Most nail stickers will last for between a week and 10 days, and should last longer on your toenails than on your fingernails. The higher-quality stickers are printed with actual nail polish on very thin adhesive so they should last longer. Some strips are ultra-shiny because they incorporate gel into the design.

From summery watermelons and exotic green ferns through to cheery rainbows and spring florals, there’s a pattern that you’ll love. And you can easily change them every week!

Nail stickers are sold in sets with plenty of different styles to choose from within each set. Each sticker will be larger than your nails so some trimming will be needed.

It’s tempting to just get stuck in and start applying the nail stickers, but you must make sure you’ve removed any existing nail polish first.

From your set of stickers, choose the best size sticker for your big toenail and peel off the protective backing. Then apply the sticker firmly to the toenail.

Try to make sure it lies flat and that you smooth out any air bubbles. Next, trim the excess sticker with scissors or nail clippers. Then file the tip of your nail with a nail file to remove any stubborn bits of excess sticker. Repeat with your other toenails.

Once the stickers are all on and trimmed, apply a top coat of clear nail varnish to protect the nails and make the stickers last longer.

Visit the nail salon

If you would prefer an expert to paint your toenails with nail art, book an appointment at the nail salon. Remember that some nail technicians are more artistic than others, so you might need to ask for a different technician to the one you usually see. Or you may even need to try another nail salon.

Whatever you do, don’t just turn up at the salon expecting to get wow toenails without any input from yourself.

You’ll have plenty of time before your appointment to get some inspiration from social media or beauty magazines. Nail art is everywhere on Instagram so save your favorites to your phone to show your nail technician.

So, with your toenail art sorted, you’ll have feet that will get you noticed wherever you go this spring and summer!

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