Special Pedicures at the Salon

Get some pampering! The increasing popularity of pedicures means that salons and spas now offer a wide variety of indulgent foot treatments.

The whole relaxing vibe of the place, the luxurious and blissfully comfortable pedicure chairs, the personal attention from your favorite pedicurist or nail technician: all these things are guaranteed to make you feel good and give you that much-needed bit of me-time. It’s definitely somewhere you can go and immediately forget your worries for an hour.

Perfectly pampered, later take some high quality photographs of your feet and sell them for a special price.

What Can You Expect from a Pedicure at the Salon?

If you often go to the nail salon for a manicure but you’ve never had a pedicure, you might wonder if it’s worth it. The answer is a resounding yes because a qualified technician or pedicurist will pamper your feet and they will be beautifully soft and scented by the end of the treatment.

Another benefit is that when your feet are expertly massaged, your blood circulation increases considerably. In addition, having your toenails correctly shaped and trimmed can prevent problems such as painful ingrown toenails. It’s also an incredibly relaxing and stress-busting experience. You’ll be proud of your feet and want to show them off to everyone!

Luxurious Foot Masks

The next time you’re at the salon, check out the spa menu. Most of the special pedicures on offer can’t be done at home, so it’s well worth treating yourself every now and then.

You could choose a luxurious foot mask that is gently massaged into your feet, left to sink in for a while, and is then washed off. Most of these masks are clay-based and are infused with essential oils and natural ingredients such as herbs and botanicals. Another option is a foot scrub in a range of wonderful scents, which almost smell good enough to eat!

Chocolate Pedicure

There are lots of weird and wonderful pedicures to tempt you into the nail salon or spa, including seasonal scents such as pumpkin in the fall. For chocolate lovers who don’t want to pile on the pounds, there are even chocolate pedicures, when your feet will be exfoliated with cocoa particles.

Warm Paraffin Wax Bath

For a more intense treatment for problem areas of the feet, there are also warm paraffin wax baths that moisturize and soften the skin. They are particularly effective for dealing with cracked heels.

Gel or Shellac Pedicure

If you want a really long-lasting finish for your toenails, you could opt for a gel or shellac pedicure. During this treatment, a special colored or clear gel or varnish is bonded to your nails using the light from a UV lamp. Alternatively, try a classic French pedicure, during which the tips of your nails will be whitened and squared off, and finished with a top-quality nail polish. 

If you want to go all-out, book yourself a whole-foot treatment. This is the most luxurious pedicure you can get and will usually include a relaxing massage, a mask or wrap to soothe your tired feet, and special lotions or creams to add moisture to your toenails. 

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