Exclusive Beauty: Foot Tattoos

Having a foot tattoo can help you stand out and find your section of niche clients in the ever-growing field of foot photos, as your ink and feet are unique to you and you alone.

No one can copy your images, opening a whole new field of exclusivity that you can work towards your advantage. Find out how to make the most of your tattoo by learning to take care of the ink to allow it to last and the advantages and disadvantages of a foot tattoo.

Famous foot tattoos

Inked designs on celebrities have now become common, and the growing trend seems to be the more, the better. With famous people such as Post Malone, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Ruby Rose having little bare skin left, it is no surprise that tattooed bodies have become part of mainstream culture. 

However, foot tattoos are slightly different to a whole sleeve, for example. The foot is the ideal location to have a visible tattoo away from the public’s prying eyes. Hide it with a shoe, a sock, a trouser leg or a long dress. Unless, of course, you are Miley Cyrus and post a photo of the words “Rolling $tone” tattooed on the bottom of your feet.

Rihanna had two music notes, a treble clef and a sixteenth note on her right foot, which she then covered up with an Egyptian falcon.

Charlize Theron has a colorful Japanese koi fish on her right ankle and a blue flower on the top of her right foot.

Paz De La Huerra has a king cobra on her right foot that wraps around her ankle.

Demi Lovato has two tattoos – one on each foot. Her right reads “Let Go” while her left tattoo reads “Let God”.

Similarly, Blac Chyna has a tattoo on each foot. One reads “Pussy”, while the other is a large floral tattoo with a yellow butterfly.

Charisma Carpenter has a lion’s head on her left foot.

And to end on the same note that we started on with celebrity foot tattoos, English actress Cara Delevingne has the words “Made in England” on the bottom of her left foot. She also has “Bacon…” on the sole of her right foot. Both tattoos portray her love of her country… and bacon.

Tips for long lasting foot tattoos

Foot tattoos have a bit of a bad reputation. People are quick to say that these are painful, easy to fade and hard to take care of. However, with the right attitude and tips, your foot ink can easily last you as long as any other tattoo on your body.

Feet tattoos tend to become blurred due to ink migration, where the ink spreads outside the design. Going for touchups will help prevent this.

Why ankles are the ideal places

As with most things, location, location, location is everything. Think about where you want to place the tattoo on your foot. Certain areas, such as the bottom or sides, are more prone to fading because the foot will rub against your shoe, while a tattoo on the top of the foot will need to be constantly protected with sunscreen to prevent fading. An ankle tattoo is considered one of the ideal places to start with your feet tattoos.

Prepare to get inked

It is essential to plan before getting your tattoo. Keep in mind that you will not be able to wear socks or closed shoes in the first few days after being inked, so doing it in the middle of winter might not be such a great idea. Tattoos usually take two to three weeks to become fully healed and should not rub against anything during this process. It is also crucial not to walk barefoot anywhere to reduce the risk of infection.

How painful are foot tattoos?

Feet tattoos have a notorious reputation for being painful. They are and come close to tattoos on the ribs or close to the armpits.  The thing is, feet have hundreds of nerve endings and very little muscle or fat to absorb the vibration of the tattoo machine. However, as with all things, it boils down to the individual and their pain tolerance.

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