Get the spa pedi experience at home

You’ll be amazed how easy it is and how much money you can save, plus it’s the perfect opportunity for some extra-special me-time without even leaving the house.

When you go to a nail salon, especially one that has a spa feel to it, you can almost feel the stresses and strains of the day disappear as you sink into the pedicure chair. 

It’s a place where you know you’ll be pampered with all the personal attention you deserve. Everything slows down and there’s no rushing about. 

That’s why the best nail salons feel like a sanctuary from the outside world and when your appointment is over, you’re always reluctant to leave.

Take your time

While it’s not possible to replicate the exact salon pedicure experience at home, you can still have an afternoon or evening where you can really treat your feet.

And we don’t mean a half-hearted foot soak and nail polish while absentmindedly watching Netflix. That just won’t cut it. 

It’s the overall experience you’re trying to recreate, not just the individual elements of a good pedicure. 

You’re never likely to see a nail technician or pedicurist hurrying to complete a pedicure. That’s because it’s not a job that can be rushed – so don’t try! 

It’s also why the best boutique nail salons are so popular for bridal showers and birthday celebrations. 

So, set aside some quality me-time for your pedicure and put the date in your diary just as you would if you were going to the nail salon.

Use quality products

There’s nail polish and there’s top-quality nail polish. If you want to get anything near the expert finish of your nail technician, invest in some high-spec polish. 

The same goes for the products you use on your feet. Don’t skimp on the lotions and creams as you may end up disappointed with the end result. 

Have a look at your favorite beauty magazine, website or blog for recommendations and ideas for the best pedicure products right now. 

Why not try a luxury foot mask or foot scrub infused with botanicals or fruit extracts?

There’s everything from peppermint, chamomile and rosehip through to watermelon, grapefruit and even chocolate!

The perfect pedicure

When the time comes for your pedicure day, turn off the TV and switch off your phone so there are no distractions. Then you can start getting everything ready.

Put on some really relaxing music and light a few scented candles. Then find your softest, fluffiest towels and warm them up on the heater. 

Fix yourself your favorite drink: a luxurious hot chocolate, an iced tea, a frothy cappuccino or a glass of wine – whatever’s a treat for you.

Now it’s pedi time! There are several different stages to a really good pedicure, and each one should be done thoroughly.

It starts with a foot soak in a bowl or foot spa full of warm water. Don’t forget to add essential oils to make your feet really fragrant.

Then the feet are scrubbed with a foot file to remove hard skin, and the toenails are carefully trimmed.

Next is the foot massage and here’s where you can really go to town with some luxury moisturizing lotion or cream. 

Finally, you can add your favorite color nail polish to the toenails. You might even want to add some nail art with stickers afterwards.

Make it a memorable experience

If you have family or friends living with you, invite them to get involved too. You could take it in turns to give each other foot massages and nail polishes. 

And it doesn’t just have to be female relatives who join in. Men can benefit from pedicures too!

Whether it’s your partner, your girlfriend, your mom, your sister or your daughter, the shared experience of helping each other with a pedicure can create great memories.  

This will make your pedicure day feel very like those joyful times in the past when you’ve booked to go to the nail salon with your girlfriends.

If it’s only you and your partner at home, giving your loved one a foot massage and receiving one in return can be incredibly romantic and a very sensual experience. 

It’s common sense but if you’re using the same tools for everyone, sanitize them in between each person’s pedicure, and definitely change the water for each foot soak. 

While we can’t wait until we can get to the nail salon, a spa pedicure at home is definitely the next best thing!

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