Nail trends for spring 2021

If you love following the latest fashions and trends, you’ll want to know what’s hot in the world of nails right now.  

Well, look no further than the catwalk for the answer! Pink is everywhere this season and it’s the perfect color for spring. But it’s bubblegum pink that will be the fresh new shade on everyone’s fingernails and toenails this summer. 

If that’s a bit loud for your tastes, try a lighter pink or a pretty pastel such as lilac instead. Another great alternative is to use a palette of five different shades of pink on your toenails. 

There’s also a trend for ‘barely there’ nails. This harks back to people enjoying the simple life at home this past year and it’s a really beautiful, natural look with very pale, almost nude polish. 

This leads on to another hot new trend: organically-made nail polishes. As we all become more environmentally aware, these products are likely to become more and more popular.

The shades of pink

When you have both a manicure and pedicure, you do need to think carefully about your overall look. This is especially true in the summer when you’re wearing sandals and flip-flops all the time. 

But you absolutely don’t have to match up your mani with your pedi, although that is a classic style. That said, the two should be coordinated in some way to bring the overall look together. 

There are a number of different options to try but the important thing to remember is there are no rules!

You could try two shades of the same color, for example, a soft pink for your mani and a bubblegum pink for your pedi. 

Or how about mixing it up with different color pastels in ice cream shades like vanilla and strawberry, or raspberry and mint. This combo is good enough to eat!  

If you really want to get noticed, another option is to choose different bright shades that aren’t in the same color family. Think fuchsia pink with bright orange, or neon yellow with fluorescent green.

Nail art trends

We’ve talked before about how great nail art is for your toes. With so many of us still doing our own pedicures right now, the popularity of toenail art is set to continue this year.

If you want Insta-worthy toenails, try one or two of these trends that are so easy to do at home.

For a real pop of color, go for rainbow nails. With this, all you do is paint each toenail a different color, so you can be as wild and wacky as you like with your color choice. 

To tone down rainbow nails a little, you could try just painting the tips of your toenails in different shades. 

Abstract art is so popular right now, and for good reason. It’s super-easy to do yourself because it doesn’t matter if you go wrong! Try geometric shapes and patterns, or wavy lines in different colors.

Indie nails, where you have a different pattern on each toenail, is definitely the hottest nail art trend for spring. This look is perfect for expressing your personality and you can really get creative.

Why not try a fresh floral, a cute strawberry, a smiley face and a glittery rainbow along with a cow or zebra print (yes, really)?

Find your signature style

Painting our toenails should be all about having fun. You don’t have to be a slave to fashion or follow the latest trends if you don’t want to. 

Why not just be you and choose colors and patterns that are your absolute go-to favorites? 

If you prefer scarlet red and midnight blue, or tropical flowers and cotton-wool clouds in the sky, go for it. They’ll say something about you and your personality. 

Your toenails will brighten up your day and week, even if you’re still stuck at home – until you want to change them again!

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